Brookwood is a people business. Our intellectual capital, market knowledge, relationships, work ethic and personal service are hallmarks of Brookwood’s value proposition.

Brookwood’s team consists of individuals with decades of industry, commercial and other professional experiences. The collective intellect, experience, wisdom and relationships of these individuals are brought to every opportunity through bespoke advice and actions optimally tailored to deliver desired results.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board provides Brookwood with strategic advice and guidance. The collective knowledge, skills, insights and opinions of Board members, based on decades of business experience in varied markets and industries, enable Brookwood to better assess the nature, scope, complexity, risk profile and potential benefits of any undertaking. Board members also maintain strategic relationships which often enable Brookwood to reach out and create innovative, bespoke partnerships for specific transactions.

Transaction Teams

Our transaction teams structure and execute business. The collective capabilities and relationships of transactions teams, based on decades of experience in banking and industry, enable Brookwood to provide advice to the highest standards of international best practices tailored to the realities of emerging market conditions. Transaction teams create and deliver efficient, pragmatic solutions (that often address unusual challenges or anticipate significant obstacles) which minimize risks, maximize value and ensure sustainable outcomes.

The knowledge and expertise of our transaction teams enable Brookwood to respond quickly to market developments and often originate and structure new opportunities that create or unlock value.

For every opportunity, Brookwood assembles a specific transaction team with the credentials and capabilities to ensure the highest probability of success for our clients.

Highly responsive, highly personal service.
A people business.