Old World Values.
New World Results.

Brookwood is a specialist investment banking and private equity house that retains Old World values but delivers New World results.


We value knowledge.

Our understanding of market conditions and market trends enables us to anticipate opportunities that create value for our clients and our investors.


We value intellectual capital.

Our creativity and innovative thinking enables us to deliver bespoke solutions for bespoke transactions that maximize value for our clients and our investors.


We value industry.

Our multi-disciplined teams work around the clock in different time zones to quickly turn around complete and comprehensive solutions to our clients and our investors.


We value integrity.

Our commitment to fair play, responsibility and accountability sustains long term market relationships and protects the interests of our clients and our investors.


We value excellence.

Every aspect of our business leads in best practices delivered to the highest of international investment banking standards that enhance value for our clients and our investors.

Exceptional Service

We deliver exceptional service.

Our highly responsive, highly personalized service enables us to move quickly and improve transaction efficiencies that enhance value for our clients and our investors.

Exceptional Results

We deliver exceptional results.

Our knowledge, intellectual capital, industry, integrity, commitment to excellence and highly personalized service enable us, often under challenging conditions, to consistently deliver beyond the expectations of our clients and our investors.

We don’t advertise. We don’t solicit business.

It may seem a bit old fashioned, but we simply deliver exceptional service to a select handful of clients and investors using all the tools available in a fast-paced, technology-empowered global business environment.

Knowledge. Innovation. Industry. Integrity. Excellence.
Exceptional Service. Exceptional Results.

Values of the Old World applied to deliver results in the New World.